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HDI engines

DPF replacement

Supply & Fit from £190

Turbo charger replacement

Supply & Fit from £450

(includes new banjo bolts and washers, new oil pick-up in sump, new oil feed pipe, and a full check of intake system for leaks, including injector seals, as per the turbo charger warranty requirements.)

Clutch replacement

Supply and Fit from £270

Timing Belt Replacement

Supply & Fit from £180


Blower resistor replacement

Supply & Fit from £80

(includes rewiring of blower harness, as generally when the blower resistor goes, it burns out the wiring plug & at least one of the wires. The price varies depending on where parts are sourced from. A new resistor & new harness can cost in excess of £100, in which case the price would be around £150, however it is possible to get a brand new resistor for around £8 & a used resistor & harness for around £25. We would throw the used resistor away & fit the new resistor with the used harness which can bring the price down to around £80 as above)